Is consuming and buying Cannabis legal in Canada?

This is a question that, when answered, will help many individuals. Notably, Cannabis is also referred to as Marijuana, and many people refer to it as weed.

Generally, many nations do not allow the use of Cannabis, but Canada does. It was legalized on 17th October 2018.

Importantly, it should be noted that, despite Cannabis being legalized, some rules were also given, and every province has certain rules that are applied to the use of Marijuana.

Below are some of the laws introduced concerning the use of Marijuana.

Who can buy Marijuana?

Just like any other drug has rules on who should consume it, Marijuana also has its limitations.

The only individual that should use it should be 19 years old or older. It should be known that sharing Cannabis with any individual below that specific age is illegal.

The places that Marijuana can be bought within Canada.

Anyone that needs Marijuana can get it at dispensaries and licensed retailers.

You can buy weed online or in person so long as it is in this main location.

Buying Marijuana from an unauthorized individual is illegal, and that is why the government has authorized certain retail stores to sell Cannabis.

In addition to that, if you also want to plant Cannabis, you can only obtain the seeds from a reputable store and grow up to four plants of Cannabis per residence.

Where Cannabis can be used.

Generally, according to the government of Canada, each individual in possession of Marijuana in public should only have not more than 30 grams of Marijuana that is dried ready for use at any given time.

Moreover, it can only be used in private residences or an outside space such as a backyard. The balcony can also be used as a place where Marijuana can be consumed and other outdoor places such as parks and sidewalks. S

In Canada, it is illegal to consume Cannabis in places like retirement homes, schools, or the areas gathered by children, as well as workplaces, and restaurants.

Importantly, it is illegal to drive any vehicle under the influence of Marijuana.

The government of Canada has illegalized it just like it has done driving under the influence of other drugs. This is due to the reason that, Marijuana is capable of decreasing your reaction time and is also known to increase chances of being in accidents.

If anyone is found driving under the influence of Marijuana, you will face penalties such as;

• Fines

• Possible time in jail

• Vehicle impoundment

• Immediate suspension of license

To make this possible, the police have been issued devices that are breathalyzer-type to use on the roadside to quantify the level of intoxication under the use of Marijuana.

Generally, the use and buying of Cannabis in Canada is legal, but it all occurs under specific rules as well as the laws of the country.

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